Red Riding Hood Swing Cape


Small (6-18m)$49.00

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Medium (18m-3T)$49.00

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Large (3-7 years)$49.00

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XLarge (7-10 years)$49.00

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The Red Riding Hood Swing Cape is amazing all year round as a classy layering piece for little ones’ outfits or for dress up. Made with cotton fleece, a shell button, and red pom pom trim.

Pompoms hang down from the bottom of the cape and swing and bob as the cape moves around them. The cape is finished off with an oversized hood that will keep their ears and neck warm.

The capes’ fit is very versatile, but refer to the sizing chart below for an idea of which one to get your little one:

  • Small fits average 6m-18m olds
  • Medium fits average 18m-3 year olds and beyond
  • Large fits average 3-7 year olds
  • XLarge fits average 7-10 year olds