Beautiful craftsmen-ship. My little absolutely adores these. She wakes up every morning and goes straight to the front door, grabs them out of the sea of footwear and request I put them on immediately. Perfect for slippery hardwood floors, perfect for play groups inside gyms, and malls. All around ideal shoe even outdoors! They fit perfectly inside my stonz in the winter for outdoor use as well. Thanks Nooks <3


This is my second purchase from Nooks and they are seriously so amazing and the staff is so kind and responsive. Thank you so so much! Look forward to many more purchases.

Krista Montbriand

These booties are the best… we purchased a few pairs from a shop locally and fell in love… Had to order some more because they are just so awesome!!! Everyone compliment them!


Couldn’t be happier with these — beautiful craftsmanship and absolutely lovely color/texture combination. My little guy has hardly taken them off since receiving them! Thanks again Nooks for making such an effort to get me this specific pair, we’re in love!

Marie Sagewolf

My son will wear these when he outgrows his other pair because these are the best made and functional booties available for babies and toddlers. Absolutely worth the money!

Cyrena Lyth

As always gorgeous amazingly made booties. I will always be back for more for gifts and whatever else! Always impressed with Nooks service, style and quality. Very well made and beautiful unique things available. Will be coming back again and again.


Beautiful craftsmanship! Ultimate baby gift!

Michelle MacDonald

I love Nooks! They keep Lucy’s feet warm and she can’t pull them off! Will definitely buy more!


These are amazing! My 13 month old cannot get them off, and they don’t impede her walk at all. They are super adorable, and everyone who sees them asks about them.

Susan Holloman

Shipped super fast! Wonderful service! The boots are beautiful and warm! I can’t wait to buy more! Thank you for everything!

Tiffany Blackburn

I am not usually one to write a review but today I feel like it’s a must! Just received these little booties today and they are even better than I could have imagined! They are beautiful and make the greatest gift! Not only are the booties adorable but the service was unbelievable. I had a question regarding size and shipping times (as I was in a time crunch to purchase a gift) and within 2 minutes of sending my email with my questions I received a phone call from the owner. It was wonderful and I would recommend to anyone!

Amanda Rolph

These are the BEST booties out there. Not only are the amazing, warm and durable – they’re made from quality wool and leather and all aspects are ethically sound. AMAZING!

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